EMS District

The Valley County EMS District has been reorganized into a an Ambulance District to be named the Valley Countywide EMS District as of the November 7, 2023 election.

District Information

How the New District Was Formed

In 2020, the Idaho State Legislature passed new Ambulance District provisions that calls on residents within the district to help support and govern the way these districts are managed.

The provisions allow for an increase of the district levy rate to four hundredths percent .0004 (or $40 per $100,000 of taxable value).

The new Valley Countywide EMS District is governed by its own elected commissioners. Valley County Commissioners no longer oversee the district.

Three elected EMS district commissioners will meet monthly, rather than annually, to oversee the operations of the district.

Valley County voters approved these changes on November 7, 2023. 

One thing that has stayed the same: local fire departments will continue to facilitate EMS services.

In some counties (i.e. Ada County), EMS services are completely separate. In Valley County, EMS services are provided by the fire districts for two primary reasons:

1.    It is more cost effective. Rather than maintaining separate buildings, overhead, supplies, management, etc., EMS services can be paired with existing fire department infrastructure.

2.    Surge capacity. Each fire department currently staffs one ambulance, but also has one reserve ambulance each. That means there are six ambulances within the county and in the case of multiple calls, fire districts can staff the second ambulances with cross-trained personnel from engine crews. Conversely, it is a benefit to the fire districts to have more personnel to respond to fires, car accidents, and rescues.

Overall, this model saves taxpayers money and provides higher quality emergency services.