When Seconds Count

On November 7, 2023, registered voters in Valley County voted to form a new abulance district. The levy measure did not pass.

The formation of a new “Ambulance District” to be called the Valley Countywide EMS District passed with 71% of the vote.

An EMS levy rate increase from .00012 ($12 per $100,000 of taxable value) to .0004 ($40 per $100,000 of taxable value) to fund EMS services throughout Valley County was proposed.
This measure had to pass by a two-thirds supermajority (67%). It received 64% of the vote.

Property Tax Calculator

Enter your home’s assessed value, select whether or not it is your primary residence and see what you will pay per year with the proposed levy rate.

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Levy Rate Calculator
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For Comparison:

Monthly Trash Service Cost: $50.24

Monthly Netflix Subscription: $15.49

Average Monthly Expenditure on Coffee: $37 (men) – $44 (women) (source)


Levy Rate Calculation

Total Taxable Base in Valley County =
$11,258,100,713 (2023 total)

EMS District Budget (proposed 1st year) =

Levy Rate = District Budget / Total Taxable
Levy Rate: .00036

Individual Property Tax Calculation Example

Assessed Value = $650,000
Less Homeowner Exemption = $125,000

Taxable Value = Assessed Value – Homeowner Exemption:
Taxable Value = $525,000

Property Tax = Taxable Value  x Levy Rate

Property Tax: $189 per year (or $15.75 per month)