Rapid Response Needs Reliable Funding

Independent funding is critical to provide essential emergency medical services in our communities.

In November, voters approved the creation of a new, independent EMS district.

The levy on the May ballot is the next step toward developing a sustainable, separate funding structure for EMS services throughout Valley County.

An EMS levy rate increase of .0002423 ($24.23 per $100,000 of taxable value) is proposed to fund EMS services throughout Valley County. This measure must pass by a two-thirds supermajority, or 66 and 2/3 percent.

Property Tax Calculator

Enter your home’s assessed value, select whether or not it is your primary residence and see what you will pay per year with the proposed levy rate.

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For Comparison:

Monthly Trash Service Cost: $50.24

Monthly Netflix Subscription: $15.99

Average Monthly Expenditure on Coffee: $37 (men) – $44 (women) (source)


Levy Rate Calculation

Total Taxable Base in Valley County =
$11,258,100,713 (2023 total)

EMS District Budget (proposed 1st year) =

Levy Rate = District Budget / Total Taxable
Levy Rate: .00036

Individual Property Tax Calculation Example

Assessed Value = $650,000
Less Homeowner Exemption = $125,000

Taxable Value = Assessed Value – Homeowner Exemption:
Taxable Value = $525,000

Property Tax = Taxable Value  x Levy Rate

Property Tax: $189 per year (or $15.75 per month)